Friday, August 19, 2011

Shutting Down Wootton Bassett - WHY?

It is possible, that yesterday was the last time the townspeople and visitors to Wootton Bassett, will be given a chance to salute Britain's war dead in their own, calm, dignified and deeply moving way. A BBC report on the funeral cort├Ęge of Lt Daniel Clack, which passed through the town yesterday, is linked here.

There was a very moving documentary "Farewell Wootton Bassett" on ITV 1 last evening from ITV Central News on the background too and story of the town's special way of Remembrance. It was trailered in the Daily Express, linked here.

The Tonight programme, broadcast at 7:30 pm last evening was introduced by Julie Etchingham and may be seen (or watched again) with live streaming online for another 29 days from this link or from the detailed listings of the ITV Player.

I visited the ITV online discussion forum this morning to see viewers reactions online, and was informed that these are interestingly to be closed from today's date, see here.

The programme did not directly pose nor even, as I recall, actually raise the question posed in my posting's headline above - Why?  Each must draw their own conclusion - mine being that as the armed services seem to be the last refuge amongst the public services where duty and decency continue, those with their noses in the public trough do not wish to be reminded of such dsiscomfiting facts. Worse even, there arrives a darker thought, worryingly with me since the Basra fiasco, namely - are our forces, which perhaps now offer the nation its last chance of a return to independence and democracy, being deliberately degraded in pointless engagements far from our shores? 



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