Friday, August 19, 2011

Sally Bercow on CBB - hopefully the nation will unite in horror against our MPs

I was totally amazed that the likes of John Bercow could rise to become Speaker of the House of Commons.

News that his wife, Sally Bercow, appears to be the only big name to appear on the latest edition of Celebrity Big Brother television show, does not surprise me in the least,

At least almost the entire nation (Channel Five, not being available to all,) will have a chance to view at close quarters the mindset and character of one of those whom our corrupted parliamentary system has been so warped as allowed to bring to the top.

We must hope the public will not quickly vote her off, so that week after week we can witness what our representatives have become.

Of course should she win, then John Bercow's position and status will be enhanced in the knowledge that he and his wife are true representatives of modern Britain.

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