Thursday, August 18, 2011

Where is an Anna Hazare for Britain and the EU?

The Indian Government has given in and now allowed the anti-corruption fast of Anna Hazare to last for fifteen days, read here.

The question for those of us in the thoroughly corrupt and increasingly crisis wracked EU, is how we can halt the corruption, where fasting lacks the historical legitimacy and kudos supplied by the memory of Ghandi.

In Britain, in particular, where the three main political parties have joined together, in an obscene and secret alliance, to destroy the protections once provided by our constitution, our independent parliament and our very self-governing democracy iteself; while handing our governance to foreigners and economy to international bankers, apparently solely in puruit of the trappings of former power and greed driven self-enrichment, for the small cliques of low lives at the top of their tax-payer dependent party structures!

How can popular, non-violent alternatives even be discussed, let alone found,  when the media itself has so clearly been similarly bought and/or thoroughly corrupted?

We must hope the anti-corruption forces in India, succeed in what is still the world's largest democracy, if not indeed  -  again looking at the lamentable mess that is Europe - actually one of the very last of the few of the world's true democracies now still surviving and functioning as its voters believe!

Britain, it seems, must now wait for India to show us the way!



Anonymous Librana said...

Where is Britain's 'Anna Hazare'? You'll find him in HMP Leeds, West Yorkshire. Prisoner Norman Scarth, A1903CF, Cell D2-040.

4:10 PM  

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