Friday, August 12, 2011

EU tyranny looms - Trichet vs Issing

Two important contributions to the mad descent of the EU towards tyranny have been published over the past day or so.

The first is Jean-Claude's letter to Italy setting out the detail of his illegal assumption of (supreme) power, linked here, while the other is the counter argument, put by former Bundesbank Chief Economist and ECB Board Member, Ottmar Issing as described by Bill Jamieson, in The Scotsman, linked here.

This is all crucially important stuff, almost being completely ignored elsewhere in what is normally the mainstream media's silly season. Ignore it at all our perils! More on the progress of this non-democratically imposed legislative package on Italy from the WSJ, linked here.

Update 0900 BST - A good analysis of the market moves and growing financial dangers is linked here.

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Blogger Sue said...

They get more insane by the day. It does make you wonder what is driving these people. You'd think Berlusconi would tell them to shove it.

12:47 PM  

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