Thursday, June 23, 2011

Only one choice for EU Leaders Today and Tomorrow.

Forget the nonsense put out by Commission President Barroso in his agenda ahead of today's meeting. There is only one item that should properly be discussed at the EU Council scheduled for today and tomorrow, which should be allowed to run into the weekend and even on to next week if necessary.

The strong economies mainly in the north can either abandon or permanently subsidise the countries in economic difficulties to the south and west.

The voters of the triple AAA credit rated countries will have to be consulted before taking on such onerous, long term commitments. The leaders of these countries must decide on the terms of how such transfers can be accomplished and thereafter put these to their voters in a referendum. The leaders of the countries presently in, or nearing financial disaster, must similarly consult their voters in a referendum as to whether they wish to hand their governance to foreigners.

Britain must finally choose between a return to independence or submission to and submergence into Europe. Certain countries to the East must make a similar choice.

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