Thursday, May 19, 2011

Merkel misses the point that Germany and France have delivered Europe into the Merde!

The BBC reports on their web site, that Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, will back a European for the vacant post for the head of the IMF. What dreamworld must she occupy?

France is pushing the canditature of Mme Christine Lagarde, their finance minister, one of the leading perpetrators of the EU Sovereign debt crisis, which truly began on 9th May 2010, over one year ago, when her German opposite number was hospitalised (lest we forget that important fact, this Le Figaro article [in French] reports him calling for the banks themselves to eventually start paying into the pot* An Irish Times report on Schaubles vies in English is here).

Germany and France, have in the intervening period, with the assistance of the now disgraced Dominique Strauss-Kahn, dragged all Europeans' reputations for honest dealing, straight talking and financial probity into the dirt.

Of course no EU citizen, let alone one from the Euro Group, will be seen as fit by the rest of the world, to now run the IMF.

That is what happens once one gains a reputation for lies and false dealing!

*Schauble article link added 1510 ECT



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