Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bungling Barroso calls for new European IMF Chief!

If matters are in a mess, the world can always rely on an appointed EU Commission President to make them worse!

True to such precedents the pompous and useless EU Commission President Barroso, is reported by EU Observer, linked here, as stating the following:

"My opinion is that if there is a problem with the current leadership then we should find a replacement," Barroso said. "I think that it is reasonable ... an instititution like the IMF cannot be without a leader."

Even more astoundingly he also proposed the following:

"I think it should be a European," Barroso said of a future IMF leader, citing Europe as "the biggest stakeholder, the biggest contributor" to the organisation."

Then finally, sending his remarks into the realms of complete and absolute absurdity with the following asseertion:

 "If they [Europe and US] are doing a good job why should we replace them. I think they should go on," Barroso told business executives"

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