Thursday, November 04, 2010

Gormless Gove worse than Moron Lammy?

Michael Gove talks the talk and even writes very pretty english, as he once proved while a Times newspaper columnist before that species opted for purdah and chose to go largely unread behind Murdoch's internet pay-wall , but when it comes to planning ahead he yesterday proved he is as clueless as his predecessor with responsibility for the Universities the self-proclaimed moron David Lammy, remind yourself of that disaster from here. As should have been expected from an effete waffler whose fashion sense since becoming a cabinet minister has been displayed as white silk linings for dark pinstriped suits and whose friends seem to be selected from a small group of former Oxford Bullingdon Club bully boys and rowdies, Michael Gove clearly has no clue as to the effects of globalisation on the world. Consider his proposals for students to now pay up to three times their present fees for the rubbish education modern graduates presently too often demonstrate they generally obtain from Britain's universities. A quote from the linked article: Graduates would pay back loans at 9% of their income once they were earning £21,000, at a rate of interest equal to the Government's cost of borrowing, which could leave them facing many years of debt. The 'best' universities will charge the most, but will be competing for the best candidates on a worldwide market of all the best universities. British students on graduation will have a worldwide market of job opportunities many in much more desirable locations than the austerity wracked UK! Even British firms employing British graduates overseas in the City of London's replacement financial centres in idyllic overseas settings could be subject to government pressure to recoup the loans from those earning above £21,000. Therefore foreign employers will be the preferred choice thus curtailing even national insurance contributions from the brightest of British graduates, and once they have contributed for a few years to foreign welfare provision they could thereafter be lossed forever as assets to the nation that partly paid for their tertiary education let alone the costs for their primary and secondary schooling. Only an empty-headed, vain and gormless fool could contrive such a scheme, ministerial evidence enough that Britain's present education often produces, anything but, world-class graduates. Welcome to the world of Moronic Ministers Mr Gove.



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