Friday, November 05, 2010

BBC propaganda temporarily silenced - Broaden your mind

A report on the much to be welcomed short break from the poisoned output of the BBC's leading pro-EU, group-think clones is linked here. Those with Sky Television receivers may wish to try the english language output of France 24 on Channel 513, we have already had one interesting item on the reverse brain drain from the US back to India this morning ahead of President Obama's three day visit to that country. The State visit of China's leader to France is another item on which BBC listeners would normally have remained ignorant. Elsewhere on the internet there is a mass of varied and conflicting news sources. The now rather dated Australian morning newspapers are always worth a read as are those from Canada which normally appear around lunchtime. The leading lights of the BBC deserve no pensions following their contribution to the destruction of our democracy, they should spend the next two days researching the reality of their EU enslaved employer's past activities and make a vow that in future they will first free their own minds to subsequently stick to only broadcasting facts while hosting others to pursue proper debates as may be found here or for those with Facebook here.



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