Friday, July 19, 2013

EU Citizen Surveillance or Projecting Force Abroad?

The announcement yesterday by Air Chief Marshal Dalton of the RAF on the 617 Dambuster Squadron was interesting; One report is linked here and the following is a brief extract:

“The Lightning's state of the art stealth and precision target capabilities, together with the battle-proven Typhoon force, will complement each others’ capabilities and set the base-line for UK Combat ISTAR2 air power as a contemporary global force for the 2020s and beyond.

“Lightning shall be operated jointly by the Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm pilots, from land or from the Queen Elizabeth Class carrier. Overall, a hugely flexible and futuristic joint capability.”

The Footnote 2 referring to ISTAR partly explains as follows:

"2. Combat ISTAR refers to the ability of armed aircraft to conduct intelligence gathering or surveillance missions while simultaneously equipped to strike targets or provide support to ground forces.

That definition nicely encompasses both manned and unmanned flight but with intelligence as its priority. So the famed Dambuster Squadron seems set to become a mere arm of the (post-Snowden, rightly suspiciosly viewed,) GCHQ spying operations, in future presumably mostly involving drones!

So we are beginning to get a view  of how this Government and its masters in the EU now view the role for Britain's Queen Elizabeth class of Carriers for which only Britain's taxpayers are footing the bill: intelligence gathering on its own citizens within the EU and projection of its evil designs beyond its borders as its own non-democratic and therefore potentially despotic and even perhaps tyrannical leaders (whomsoever they come to be,)  in secret, (yet again without democratic scrutiny) may from time to time so decide!

Defence or even perhaps aggression, debatably and rarely, on the basis of 'my country right or wrong' could perhaps be envisioned in forming a defence policy for the future of any democracy BUT NEVER CAN IT BE SO ON THE BASIS OF  'this EU right or wrong'.

This matter and the planning and expenditure underway, is a hugely compelling reason to hold any EU referendum as soon as possible. The suspicious frequent recent showing of the film of the Dambuster raid and spin around Squadron Leader Gibson, hint at the possible disbandonment of the reformed 617 Squadron becoming a propaganda tool in the anti-Brexit campaign. Scrapping of the two carriers will also be a powerful tool to win over the jingoist vote as perceived by the likes of British Interest.

Considering Britain's interests outside the EU it is hard to make a decent case for the Aircraft Carriers, within the EU they can only be used for spreading such sinister and greed driven power and influence overseas.

Such EU power would be  mainly, I guess, towards Africa, thus continuing the disgraceful situation ongoing in Somalia to other parts of that Continent, whose plight was brilliantly described in last evening's programme on BBC2 in its Indian Ocean series.

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