Friday, April 12, 2013

Cam, Sam & the kids with Merkel!

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, seems to have read our lightweight, self-serving and thoroughly treacherous Prime Minister extremely well!

A report on the Cameron family trip to Germany is in The Spectator linked here.

Her plan appears to be to get him on his own, as far from intelligent or savvy advisors as possible, locked in the bosom of his family about which he is at his happiest when over sentimentalising, and finish off once and for all the humiliation of Britain which has been a thorn in Germany's side since Bismark first set the game-plan for reborn Teutonic  Imperialism and world domination.

Nobody can guess nor ever know what side deals and shady understandings could be reached given the track record of treachery we have already witnessed from this useless prime Minister.

Patriotic members of the Conservative Party have one choice to spare the country from whatever role Merkel and Cameron might agree for it over this weekend, and that is to remove him from leading their party as the first act of next week, fittingly the one during which Margaret Thatcher will be honoured at Westminster.

Heseltine who removed Thatcher from power, returning himself from Germany on the day that act was accomplished, has been pulling Cameron's strings for years. Can the Tory Party really not rise against this puppet successor, who it is surely plain for all to now see, stands for everything that Margaret Thatcher spent her life resisting, opposing and abhorring!

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Blogger Robert said...

He is the heir to Blair. What else can you expect when he acts like him?

2:15 PM  

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