Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Proper X Examination of PMs Blair, Bown & Cameron would make Buckles look competent

The Guardian has its say here, the Telegraph from here, but one thing that the ordinary people of Britain must surely now be beginning to grasp, is that, however woeful Nick Buckles' performance in his job as head of G4S  (the company failing to supply security for the Olympic Games as contracted) has been, it would appear stunningly successful if able to be put against any similar cross examination of our past three Prime Ministers, as that delivered by the Home Affairs Select Committee in Parliament yesterday.

The fact that such questioning has still yet to begin in our Parliament, and that such gross incompetence in several Cabinets and across the Civil Service has continued unchecked for so long, plus the fact that all our MPs are today heading off on months of undeserved, high paid vacation, is a stunning indictment of our elected representatives, and ourselves as voters in tolerating this criminal negligence and incompetence for so long.

Buckles' errors at G4S are nothing when compared with the administrative mess, in almost every area of public control, and decay across the stock of public assets, which make the past remedies for High Treason seem mild for the depths and lengths of crimes that have been committed in the public's name in the supposed, but non-existent, governance and administration of our nation. Worse, the opposite of moral guidance has been shown at the highest levels, leading the way to an almost complete collapse of standards and principle wherever money is circulated and used in Britain. APR interest rates in the mid 1700% on pay day loans continue as MPs depart!

There has hardly been one Minister or Civil Servant or Senior official (as typified by Lord Adair Turner and Sir Mervyn King and his side-kick the oily Paul  (ever startled-looking) Tucker at another such Committee in Parliament yesterday morning,) who comes to mind to be singled out to escape such charges on the grounds of a job well done. I trust there is an exception somewhere but have little hope the number would enter double figures!

The HSBC shame revealed in the US Congress by the afternoon, fittingly concluded a day of complete but thoroughly deserved humiliation for our country and all of us who hold its citizenship.

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Blogger James Higham said...

The trouble is that G4S are a nasty organization. I'm dealing with them. Good riddance to them, I say.

3:59 PM  

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