Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ESM ratification, machinations and manipulations - Is Twitter culpable?

In years to come the ESM Treaty looks like becoming the preferred weapon of oppression against Eurozone countries, by which the EU elite will maintain their powers and benefits at the expense of those who utilise their enterprise and efforts in order to survive.

It has already been decided that the Treaty should come into effect before it has even been ratified, read here.

Now it appears that in Holland, where no legal government presently exists, plans continue to ram the Treaty through and to facilitate this without protest Twitter accounts of those opposed to the ESM are being blocked. I quote a blog post on that topic in full from Holland, linked here:


It looks like Twitter is the front in the Second Dutch Revolt. This time against the EUnion and specifically against the ESM and the cack-handed way in which our political ‘betters’ are trying to run this through parliament.
Finally, at long last, we have an issue for the Dutch to rally around, to wake them up to the danger the EUnion and out own ‘leaders’ pose. The manner in which the current care-taker government is trying to ram through ratification of the ESM is confirming to a lot of Dutch that the people occupying seats in parliament do not work for us, that they work for the EUnion. And the reaction, on Twitter at least, is fierce.
So fierce in fact that parties unknown have managed to persuade Twitter to suspend accounts openly opposed to the ESM ratification. Specifically, the accounts are @ESMNEE, @ESMnooit and @No2ESM.
This weirdness, which started earlier this evening, did not go unnoticed. The predictable reaction was not long in coming. New accounts such as @GEEN_ESM, @ESM_Nee and @esmNEE sprang up almost immediately and are still functional as of this writing.
Now, one can question the utility of social media campaigns. But evidently some parties are worried enough to try and get opposition to the Dutch ratification of the ESM silenced. As we wrote yesterday, something is going on.
And as I sit here, writing this post, the sober, contemplative part of the back of my brain sits in amazement that here I am writing about active attempts at censorship, in the second decade of this the 21st century, about a usually calm and sedate corner of the world. How the hell did we end up in a situation that I have to write about my own country as if it were a two-bit dictatorship, as if the current regime is not better then those of China, Iran or Lukashenko’s Belarus. My Lord, but have we slipped downhill in a couple of years.
ESM, a coup d’état in 17 countries!
[UPDATE001] I mean, really! The account @GEEN_ESM has been pulled off air as well. What the hell is going on?

ESM Ratification progress, ESM UK Parliamentary explanation.



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