Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Raleigh may fall to the Dutch.

At least The Guardian in its report cannot get the pronounciation of the name of one of England's greatest heroes wrong, as did the Sky News blonde bimbo, reporting on Jeff Randall Live for Sky News last evening.

The first Raleigh bike shop was named after the street in Nottingham where it began life, so almost certainly indirectly the bike was named after Sir Walter Raleigh, born at Hayes Barton in East Devon, the lanes around which I cycled throughout my boyhood on my own first Raleigh bicycle. Strangely too, whose footsteps I also later followed at one time, to stand at the highest navigable point of the mighty and awesomely powerful Orinoco River to perhaps similarly realise the impossibility of El Dorado.

So much of England has gone to the Continentals, I hope the Raleigh bike company somehow hangs on, did it not also cover BSA for British Small Arms, or am I mistaken on that point? (Yup there are some photgraphs here BSA merged in 1957)



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