Tuesday, April 17, 2012

If the EU had any clout or respect - Argentina would not be seizing YPF

Spain is not just battered and bankrupt from its association with the thoroughly corrupt and worthless EU, it has now lost its stake in the Argentinian oil industry once held by Repsol through its stake in YPF.

Every European member state must be made aware by their voters that this intolerable wealth and democracy destroying disaster that is the corrupt European Union cannot be permitted any further life. Every day that passes, more money is squandered and greater indebtedness incurred, which high-paid EU and national officials will take years to squabble over, all at taxpayers cost. Read here.

The whole world will spit upon Eurozone countries as they cause impoverishment across the globe, such anger will quickly turn against other EU member states outside the Euro, quite rightly too, for those such as Britain, with its offer made yesterday of £10 Billion extra for the EU, via the IMF, is clearly complicit in maintaining this monstrosity with links to geopolitical life!

The EU should be immediately eradicated and wound up!

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