Friday, March 30, 2012

Galloway's Bradford Spring. Euro Yields resume upwards surge .

The gadzillions of virtual costless three year LTRO funds poured into the Euro financial markets by the deranged Draghi at the ECB since the beginning of this year have finally been seen by the bond markets for the placebo that  would always prove.

The Wall Street Journal reports the return to reality in a Bond Market report linked here, from which comes this quote, offered for those still requiring proof of what this blog has been warning for almost a decade:

The two-year Italian government bond yield rose by 0.38 percentage point to 2.69% while the yield on the benchmark 10-year bond climbed 0.16 percentage point to 5.24%, according to Tradeweb. In Spain, the two-year yield rose by 0.16 percentage point to 2.54%, while the 10-year yield climbed by 0.16 percentage point to 5.45%.

In so far as those warnings concern the politics, constitution, democracy and Parliament of Britain, I suggest the report of George Calloway's huge victory in the Bradford West by election would form wiser reading for the scumbags presently controlling our country's politics this morning. The consequences of their own corruption and lies are littered across this blog's posts, such that MPs can never claim that they knew not what they wrought!

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