Friday, March 09, 2012

ECB's determination to crush Ireland over Anglo Irish shows its own shakiness!

The ECB is a structure of no substance, all it does is shield the activities of the German State, the sole EU entity with the funds and will to make any difference in the EU it has shaped.

A report in the Irish Times this morning, detailing the extra austerity expected of the Irish, to make good on the former Irish Government's suicidal pledge for its taxpayers to honour the debts of Anglo Irish and other similar rogue organisations owing money to German banks.

The new government was obligated to honour this pledge before gaining power, only when it refuses so to do, will Ireland see any light at the end of its nightmare of generations of indebted citizens still to be born. At least some of the prospective parents, now of an age to vote, will have their say before being forced to emigrate, in order for their children to be born debt free, as has happened so often in the past.

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