Saturday, February 04, 2012

Something nasty from Nottingham

In unsuccessfully trying to find something of substance to write about LibDem MP Ed Davey, yesterday, I made the remarkable discovery that he attended the same school in Nottingham which puts him amongst this hugely unsavoury bunch who together over recent years have inflicted untold damage upon the country:

Read the full background of Nottingham High School from Wikipedia, linked here, that might give some clues on the ethos of the institution which could well be somewhat to blame for inflicting the character defects of these individuals who have collectively ruined the British democratic system of governance and sovereign independence via Ken Clarke, caused the virtual destruction of Britain's armed forces and his own enrichment by Geoof Hoon, and wrecked the British economy through Ed Balls advice and closeness to the deranged Gordon Brown over many years. Ed Davey will now continue the destruction of Britain's energy independence started by the disgraced Huhne.

There must have been some very powerful character or group of teachers at that school during these pupils' formative years, I cannot help but wonder what must have been his, or their, agenda!



Blogger Paul Coombes said...

I went to the City of Leicester Boys' Grammar School (as did Gary Lineker, 2 years below me, and Alistair Campbell, 1 year above me). We had a swimming competition against Nottingham High School. All I remember was them cheering their fellow swimmers with a chant that went "High School, High School, ra, ra, ra".

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