Thursday, February 02, 2012

Greek Church Head writes to EU Placeman on "Deadly Austerity"

Ekathimerini has a full report on the complaint by Archbishop Ieronymos, the head of the Church of Greece, to the former ECB Vice President and man placed to oversee the destruction of his own country by the EU, Lucas Papademos, regarding more austerity and the disgraceful actions of the so-called Troika within his one-time nation, read here.

It is hard to believe the complete disinterest with which these events are met in the mainstream media across the EU:

“Greeks’ unprecedented patience is running out, fear is giving way to rage and the danger of a social explosion cannot be ignored any more, neither by those who give orders nor by those who execute their deadly recipes,” he wrote....

In what seemed a response to suggestions that a European budget commissioner be appointed in Greece, the archbishop challenged the prospect of Greece giving up sovereignty over its decision-making process.

“It seems clear now that our homeland’s drama will not finish here but may take on new, uncontrollable, dimensions,” he wrote.

“There are, at the moment, demands for even tougher, more painful and even more unfair measures along the same ineffective and unsuccessful lines as in our recent past,

“There are demands for even bigger doses of a medicine which is proving deadly. There are demands for commitments that do not solve the problem but only put off temporarily the foretold death of our economy. Meanwhile, the put our national sovereignty up for collateral.

“They mortgage our wealth but also the wealth we could obtain from our land and seas. They mortgage freedom, democracy and national dignity.”

Commentators said it was almost unprecedented for an archbishop to intervene so forcefully in political and economic issues.



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