Thursday, February 02, 2012

Fiscal Compact Treaty Problems

There will be no deadline imposed upon the Irish Attorney General on deciding whether the Fiscal Compact Treaty will require a referendum, the Irish Times informs us this morning. In Denmark, ironically the rotating six monthly Presidency holding ex-nation, the question of whether or not a referendum must be held is also up for debate.

In France the political difficulties seem to be the most severe, see EU Observer, linked here. The present Upper House of their Parliament has refused to endorse it, although that might be solved in elections due later this year. More serious, particularly when added to the Upper House's rejection, is the whole question of the legality of President Sarkozy signing the deal in March as planned, in the face of the stated views of the present frontrunner,  the socialist Presidential candidate Fran├žois Hollande, that he does not agree with it and will re-negotiate it. The same linked article also covers the problems the matter is causing the Czech Republic following their proposed non-signature of the non- EU deal..

Considerable furore for a thoroughly worthless document, that will affect nothing as regards the present crisis, as it appears to this observer!

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