Friday, February 24, 2012

Australia's Governing Labor Party splits asunder!

Any reasonably prosperous future there may be for the long suffering inhabitants of the British Isles will now almost certainly depend upon a rapid renewal of ties and trading links with our English speaking democratic cousins spread across the globe, rather than accepting further subjugation to an increasingly dictatorial and anti-democratic EU.

It is therefore a matter of considerable concern that Australia appears about to enter a period of political turmoil, brought about by the resignation of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd this week and a now open contest for the Labor Party leadership and that of the minority coalition government. Reports from The Age, The Australian and west Australia are linked from their titles. A Reuters UK report from this morning is linked here.

Hopefully, while Australia goes through a period of political uncertainty between now and the next scheduled elections in late 2013, Britain itself will see the reality of  the utter emptiness underlying its own governing coalition.

Hopefully some senior political figure will grasp the opportunity this period of deepening chaos offers to forge a new political partnership with Australia's opposition leader Tony Abbott.

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Anonymous Tickety said...

Fully agree with you on our trading with the English speaking nations. I enjoyed the Daniel Hannan speech over on Muffled Vociferation to the Alliance of English speaking Nations. Have long thought this is the danger our enemies see and so try to destroy us. Enjoy your blog very much please keep it going.

9:45 AM  

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