Thursday, February 23, 2012

Taming Treaties - the Intelligence Squared debate in Greece

The report on last evening's debate is from ekathimerini and is linked here.
A quote regarding the vote at its conclusion is the following:

An audience poll suggested that 75 percent were in favor of staying in the euro and less than 19 percent against. The problem, though, is that unless the situation improves substantially in the months to come, the question of whether Greece should use the euro or drachma may not be one that Greeks ever get the chance to answer.

This is merely hinting at the reality of Greece's already lost autonomy. I would suggest that the EU, having decided that no country can leavethe euro, requires that all Eurogroup members must remain stuck within the wealth destroying common currency until it entirely collapses under the weight of its own insoluble contradictions.

The Irish Times this morning has an article linked here, which supports this view when considering the deliberate construction of the fiscal compact treaty to avoid a referendum in Ireland. Increasingly treaties will be drawn to maintain the charade of national consent, while terms that would prove obnoxious to either democracy and decency are subsequently imposed behind the scenes and sickeningly without any public protest from national parliaments! That article opens as follows:

GERMANY’S MINISTER for European Affairs has confirmed that European Union negotiators sought to design the euro zone fiscal compact in such a way to avoid a referendum in Ireland.
Michael Link, who was visiting Dublin yesterday for talks with Ministers, officials and members of the Oireachtas, added that Ireland’s constitutional requirements will also help to determine the drafting, at next week’s EU summit, of rules governing the role of the European Court of Justice in enforcing the new pact.

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