Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Every failed Merkozy summit makes a springtime EU smashing tsunami more probable!

President Sarkozy's latest farce of a summit with Chancellor Merkel makes his electoral prospects this spring less certain. As reported on this blog yesterday the main concrete item to emerge was a commiment to speed more funds to the ESM, thus further weakening France's credit ratings.

At present a scenario with the front running socialist contender Fran├žois Hollande facing a run-off in the second round of the Presidential contest against Marine Le Pen (whose father managed a similar feat against Jaques Chirac,) seems not at all unlikely, especially given the fact that the main identifiable plank of Sarkozy's campaign seems to be to merge France "with"  (many would say submerge "under") Germany.

Things can be made no more certain given that footballing hero Eric Cantona, has today been reported in Le Figaro, as seeking to gather the 500 signatures from elected officials to also be able to stand, a report with video in French is here.

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Blogger strapworld said...

Perhaps Merkel wants rid of the little boy?

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the sardines follow the Sarkozy trawler, there's something fishy afoot.

8:31 AM  

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