Tuesday, January 31, 2012

EU Press Announcement on Fiscal Treaty binds entire EU

The Press Release is here.

Although it states the Agreement was made at an informal meeting of the Council (by means of a footnote) it elsewhere and everywhere implies it is an EU Agreement and thus by implication binding upon all EU members. No mention is made of the absence of Britain and the Czech Republic from the agreeement.

Such devious trickery is typical of the entire institution of the EU which is why the Britiah people must demand their country's complete withdrawal!

I suggest attention be particularly given to the following paragraph:

The new treaty also contains provisions on the coordination and convergence of member states' economic policies and on governance of the euro area. In particular, Euro Summit meetings will take place at least twice a year.
(Emphasis and colour of 'and' added by Ironies Too blogger).

OK a press release is not legally binding, but the depths of the corruption that allows such serial lying and deviousness is thoroughly indicative of the prevailing immorality!



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