Monday, January 30, 2012

German control of Greece to be extended to Ireland and Portugal

The German proposal to take control of the policies of the once sovereign country of Greece is also to be applied to Ireland and Portugal as confirmed in this report in the Irish Times this morning.

So the mainland bombings, Northern Ireland unrest, and years of disputation borne by Britain in the cause of Irish independence has all been thrown away for the sake of a decade long spending splurge in the Irish Republic, now brought to an abrupt halt by a cunning and devious Continental conspiracy..

Britain has loaned money to Ireland in this recent crisis and in view of our shared history and heritage, not to mention security considerations, should thus be reluctant to see Ireland fall under total German control.

David Cameron's trip to Brussels for another pointless summit would be best cancelled in favour of an early meeting with the Irish Taoiseach, Enda Kenny to see if there is any help Britain can provide at this moment of great peril for our close island neighbour!



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