Friday, December 23, 2011

Re-creating the Hansa with the EU Fiscal Compact

The following quote I came across is of interest, the article is linked here it tellingly ends as follows:

The Hansa had fulfilled its great historic mission. It had impressed the stamp of German culture upon the North; given German commerce the supremacy over that of all other nations; protected the northern and eastern boundaries of the empire at a time when the imperial power was impotent and the State disrupted; and maintained and extended the prestige of the German flag in the northern seas. Said a great German writer: "When all on land was steeped in particularism, the Hansa, our people upon the sea, alone remained faithful to the German spirit and to German tradition."

Are we today seeing an attempt to recreate the Hanseatic League, which sometime took trading ventures and turned them into instruments of oppression? The story of the people of Bergen should be read by all contemplating signing up to the treaty proposed on the 8th/9th December 2011, at the EU Council Summit.

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