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Letter to PM Cameron on EU Localism Bill and a non-reply.

Anne Palmer's letter of 17th November to Prime Minister Cameron together with the reply of 28th November were as follows, both speak for themselves:

Address Removed

To: The Rt Hon David Cameron
The Prime Minister,
10 Downing Street,

Dear Prime Minister.

I read with interest that you want to “Bring powers back from the EU”. However, as many people in this Country do not believe that will ever happen unless we come out of the EU altogether, may I respectfully suggest that you abandon immediately the EU’s Localism Bill you are putting through Parliament at this time.

This Localism Bill is on the Council of Europe’s website and is recorded in the UN, although from the dates it seems to have “gone upwards” from the EU to the UN and not from the United Nations.

It is a Bill designed to divide the Nation and Country of ENGLAND permanently into Regions of the European Union - to be eventually governed directly, through the EU, by the Committee of the Regions. It is perhaps, the most destructive Bill that has ever come from the European Union and something that even Hitler never managed to do through all the bombing of this Country in the last war. In fact his bombing brought the people of ENGLAND together.

By accepting the EU’s Localism Bill you are allowing the European Union to have “sovereignty” (and ever increasing authority) over our Country by telling our elected Government what it must do, and how it must govern our own once proud nation of ENGLAND.

This Bill divides the people: for they may be in competition with each other for funds from the EU etc. You are allowing a foreign organisation to dictate what our once sovereign Government does to our own Country. Scotland is already classed as an EU Region, as is Wales and London.

I understand you are to reduce the House of Commons by 50 people, yet in reality it is doubtful we would even need fifty people left in Parliament once the Regions took hold, plus the people cannot afford to contribute towards this extra layer of Governance. There are 825 people in the House of Lords, yet those that should really be in the Lords, the Hereditary Peers, are no longer in attendance! All get daily expenses and some 'Cranborne money' - money we simply cannot afford for much longer. Will any of the Peers be required once the EU Regions are set up? The people simply cannot pay for yet another layer of unelected EU Governance - the EU contributions alone, and forced upon us, are far too much and that money should have gone on this Country’s Defence.

Rather than try to take back powers already given, and taken, by the EU you could also reject the EU’s proposed HS2, all part of the EU’s Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) Policy, and along with TEN-T is the permanent transfer of Sovereignty over our air space for the EU’s Single European Sky. I say permanently for whether in or out of the EU, I doubt it would ever be given back whether we remain in the EU or not. Giving up sovereignty permanently over our Ports and 12 mile limit so that EU ships can “come and go” as they please is an abominable thought. All that is in the sea and underneath the sea bed and what has not been discovered yet is not “ours” nor will it be if all is transferred to the EU. Maps of course would be changed to show this and all this under your watch Sir. HS2 is only one part of the EU’s TEN-T. Never more will Britannia, “Rule the Waves”.

You Sir, could stop this EU legislation right away and then you could try to repossess powers that should never have been given away, back from the EU. These actions would prove to the people that you mean what you say, particularly for not destroying our Nation and ENGLAND through the EU’s Localism Bill would be a start.

You could of course repeal the European Communities Act 1972 right away and thus prevent any more EU legislation going through our Parliament; then set about repudiating the EU Treaties that are strangling us.

More and more of the electorate now, at last, recognise that all three major Political Parties want to remain in the European Union. The electorate feel betrayed, which of course they have been; there is absolutely no doubt about that as poll after poll prove.

I hope that the present events taking place, with the suggestion of the many changes required, and some Countries talking about advocating, “fiscal union and economic governance for the Eurozone,” I pray, never comes about, because that may eventually lead to war, perhaps even the third World War and, as in 1939 we are little prepared to defend ourselves, a repeat of the last war is staring us in the face, except we have no Churchill or a friend in the USA that would come to our aid.

The people you represent, your Monarch, and the future of our Country lies in your hands. I beg you to put the British Crown and all it stands for and your Country before all else.

Yours faithfully,

Anne Palmer.


Date 25 November 2011.

Dear Ms Palmer.

I am writing on behalf of the Prime Minister to thank you for your letter of 17 November.

It is good of you to get in touch. Mr Cameron very much appreciates your taking the time and trouble to inform him of your views.

With best wishes.

Yours sincerely

Correspondence Officer.



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