Saturday, December 03, 2011

Two separate blog posts which aptly summarise the EU!

Richard North writes on the Daily Telegraph Delors interview, linked here. Mary Ellen Synon follows up in the Daily Mail, on Horst Reichenbach, linked here.

Two quotes for those not wishing to use the links, which I hope capture the main thrust, are as follows:

On Delors and the introduction of the Euro, North writes "In going ahead, the "colleagues" were relying on yet another technique to remedy the faults – the beneficial crisis. In the fullness of time, the inherent inadequacies of the single currency structure would show up, in a crisis situation, driving the politics and creating the political will by which the necessary changes could be implemented. This was no mistake or "error". That is the way the European Union works ... and Delors was the supreme exponent of the method."

M.E.Synon writes on the head of the EU "Task Force" in Greece "As I've written in this blog before, although eurocrats are trained never even to mention the name of their home country once they sign up to serve 'the treaties,' and 'Europe,' and never, ever to think of serving their own country's interests while they are doing the work of Barroso and Van Rompuy, the fiction never really works outside the Berlaymont headquarters.
Anybody called Horst Reichenbach -- and that picture above is some of Reichenbach's fellow countrymen the last time a German led an occupation force into Greece -- who really thinks it is his right to take control of the fate of another European country isn't just being German, he is living up to his national stereotype."



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