Thursday, December 08, 2011

EPP Marseille - Europe's Plotters Parley

EurActiv reports on the gathering of Europe's right wing/conservative conspirators group from the European Parliament, gathered at their annual gathering in Marseille, linked here, titled "EU Centre right parties cook pre-summit deal". This report contains bad news for Britain on the Tobin/FTT tax as follows:

Another divisive issue concerned the European Commission proposal for a financial transactions tax (FTT). “We support the introduction of a financial transaction tax, as a tool to discourage speculative financial activities and enable the financial sector to contribute to overcoming the economic crisis in Europe,” reads an amendment to the final resolution adopted by a large majority of the 813 EPP delegates present in Marseille.

The Wall Street Journal, reporst from the gathering that Sweden foresees problems in passing a Treaty change, read here.

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