Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Finland's Collateral fudge is a gift for Eurosceptics!

Bloomberg Business has a long article with various Finnish experts quoted as agreeing with this blog's reaction to the typically confused, muddled and degrading EU stitch-up the final Greek Bailout 2.0 collateral deal has proved to be as blogged here earlier this week. The article opens with the following stark assessment:

Oct. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Finland’s victory in securing Greek collateral saved the government’s face. It may fail to protect Finnish taxpayers from the costs of funding the next bailout.
I still have not traced an on the record reaction from Timo Soini, but, as promised earlier, when I do it will be reported on this blog.

What is confirmed, is that nothing the EU ever promises can be relied upon, if it ever arrives it is never what it seems, and as closer study and events unfold - it is quickly proven to be worthless.

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