Sunday, March 13, 2011

German bullying of Ireland continues into the early hours. France is next target!

The Herald in Ireland reports, linked here, that the German bullying of Ireland following the Friday EU meeting, continued until 02:00 am yesterday morning.

Only time will tell how long Ireland's new government will be able to withstand such pressure, given that all former nations within the EU have rendered themselves virtually defenceless against the economic hegemony of the Germans!

As was always inevitable, now that the asset stripping of the UK has been virtually completed, with a totally compliant pro-EU coalition government in power in Britain, following its Labour Party predecessors with the identical policies that are bankrupting the former nation, the EU must turn elsewhere for future sources of funds.

France is now finally in the EU's sights!  Can Britain thus hope for support from the French against the EU? We must hope so, perhaps this is a glimmer of hope on this Sunday morning full of the hoorifying news from Japan. The moving ceremony I attended yesterday, as recorded on the posting below, offers some historical evidence of hope for such an outcome.

The Appéllation Contrölée system in France gives that country one of its many unique characteristics, these are now within the EU's sights, particularly the special provisions regarding the creation of cognac, read here.

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