Thursday, January 13, 2011


All voters in the by-election today should look to the events last Tuesdayand and avoid like the plague, giving their vote to any of the three main parties, either Labour, Liberal Democrat or Conservative, all of whom stripped the chamber of the Houses of Commons last Tuesday so that their MPs could angle for votes in Oldham East and Saddleworth, robbing the debate on the Sovereignty of attendees in the very Parliament they were canvasing votes for their candidates to attend.

The greatest hypocrisy of all, however, was that their party whips were at the same time forcing their remaining lobby fodder and totally mind-controlled back-bench MPs to vote down the very institution that has any last remaining chance of protecting the EU eroded rights of British citizens by rejecting the following very simple statement:

The sovereignty of the United Kingdom Parliament is hereby reaffirmed.

Remember there is plenty of choice available today, every vote given to the candidates of the three main parties is a vote for totaltitarianism rather than democracy, for EU corruption and lies rather than honesty and for poverty and servitude rather than individualism and prosperity!



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