Sunday, September 14, 2008

Political opposition moves to the TV!

As a founder member of the Veritas Party led by former TV personality Robert Kilroy-Silk I naturally viewed the interview by Adam Boulton of TV personality Noel Edmonds on his new programme featured in the News of the World today, here, with some interest. The disdain with which Edmonds dismissed all politicians when particularly asked about David Cameron was particularly impressive, as was his straightforward statement that the UK was reaching capacity as far as immigration was concerned. Even more significant perhaps is the fact that the programme will be aired on Rupert Murdoch's Sky One Channel just as the PR appeared in his best-selling UK Sunday tabloid. Now to add fuel to the potential fire comes the news that Edmonds will be withholding his TV licence fee because of the bullying nature of the BBC anti-avoidance campaign, read here, on which this blog has previously commented. Are the docile and sheep-like British people finally about to realistically protest at their shameful and continuing exploitation?



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