Saturday, September 13, 2008

Brown not Marxist?

The following assertion is in the Daily Telegraph this morning, linked here: "The European project is not, as some people seem to think, fascist; any more than Gordon Brown is, as the same people seem to think, a Marxist." While in the Daily Mail, we have, linked here, the following: David Miliband was subjected to an astonishing four-letter tirade from his Russian counterpart at the height of the Georgia crisis.

The Foreign Secretary received the undiplomatic tongue-lashing over the telephone after expressing the EU's anger with the Kremlin, it was revealed yesterday.

At one point Sergei Lavrov, the colourful Russian foreign minister, became so incensed that he reportedly barked: 'Who the f*** are you to lecture me?'

Mr Lavrov, who is seen as the fearsome face of Russia's new aggressive foreign policy, objected to what he believed was Mr Miliband's condescending tone. He used full-strength industrial language to suggest to the Foreign Secretary that he knew little, if anything, of Russia's history - perhaps unaware that Mr Miliband's grandfather Samuel served in the Red Army and his father Ralph was a leading Marxist theoretician. Mr Sam Leith and the rest of the Daily Telegraph, might do well to spend the weekend wondering why the two sons of such a renowned Marxist now hold such crucial posts in the Gordon Brown REGIME.



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