Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gordon Brown at the UN

The full speech is available from here. This blogs choice of the statement most likely to prove totally incorrect: "In the next two decades our world economy will double in size." Note, no "ifs" no "buts" no hedging but an outright statement in a stand alone sentence with the emphasis on "will". This blog's choice of the most hypocritical statement, probably ever delivered before the UN General Assembly is this: ".... there must be responsibility. No member of senior management should be able to say they did not understand the risks they were running, and walk away from their obligations." Finally the most terrifying aspect of the speech, granting an insight into the warped mind and twisted priorities of the man presently in charge of the fate of Britain during these perilous times, the speech ended with these words: "So let us resolve today to end any irresponsibility, to protect the global public interest by cleaning up the world’s financial system, to reaffirm our commitment to meeting our global responsibilities on trade, poverty and on energy and climate change. And let us act upon this as people, as governments, as nations united.

And let history record - ours was a truly global response to the first truly global crisis".

This from the man in charge of the fate and affairs of Great Britain. The Prime Minister whose principle responsibility is the well-being of the people of the nation of the UK and Northern Ireland. Is any other national democratic leader casting aside the responsibilities of the office granted by their electorate in pursuit of some kind of Karl Marx inspired folly.

Looking at the entire speech is it not clear that Gordon Brown's destruction of the City of London, the UK economy and the social fabric of the nation has not in fact been folly but determinedly deliberate?



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