Monday, September 24, 2007

Democracy has no place in the EU - Britain's FM

David Miliband , Britain's Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Secretary of State avowed the following to his party members, as reported in EU Business, linked here:

"It is the delivery deficit that matters more than anything else in the EU, not the democratic deficit. It is delivery that we need to get on with and, frankly, we have spent too long in navel-gazing." Miliband's position won backing from former Labour leader and ex-European transport commissioner Neil Kinnock. For all its multiple failings the Labour Party Conference and the Union Block voters once believed in democracy for the nation as a whole. Are the delegates really going to quietly listen to such a blatant statement of Stalinist or National Socialist intent for the body that now controls Britain. Anything delivered by anyone in power without DEMOCRATIC CONSENT is DANGEROUS!! Especially when those delivering the laws and regulations AND controlling the international gendarmerie by which they will eventually be enforced, were neither elected through the ballot box nor capable of being held accountable by a sham parliament or of ever being removed from office by democratic means!


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