Sunday, September 09, 2007

Kent's lickspittle Labour MPs

The report on how the entire Labour party in Kent lacks one single independently minded or honourable Member of Parliament, may be read from this link to Kent News. The varying excuses for their refusal to honour their collective manifesto pledges to offer a referendum, on which basis they were all elected are variously as follows: Jonathan Shaw, Minister for the South East, is Labour’s most senior representative in Kent. “The Government has made clear its position and we don't anticipate the need for one.” Dr Stephen Ladyman, MP for South Thanet and vice-chairman of the Labour Party, said there would need to be a referendum every year if one was granted, because the treaty is being reviewed and changed regularly. This is a particular gem, what he is effectively saying is that 'we are handing over the power for the EU to change the treaty from now on as and when the Commission wishes so why bother having a say now!!!!!!' Dr Howard Stoate, "This is a very technical document - extremely difficult to understand - and I think the chances of making it into a format that ordinary people can understand will be exceptionally difficult.” Nick Raynsford, “If we were to join the Euro, then I think that is an issue of such constitutional importance, then there should be a referendum. They should only be held on things which have a major constitutional importance.” Clive Efford, said there should not be a referendum, as he said there was nothing important enough in the reform treaty to put to the country. Gwyn Prosser, and Paul Clark, both said there was no need for a referendum. Derek Wyatt, and Bob Marshall-Andrews, did not respond to calls for comment. There are no polite words to describe people capable of such collective calumny. Only the electorate of Kent can remove such dregs from their MP salaries, perks and expenses which they clearly value above all else. If the country were ever to regain its independence a removal of their heads from their shoulders would have been the historic precedent for such clear treasonous scheming and deceit, Guy Fawkes suffered worse for similar plots against our Parliament. Brown as a Scot could possibly be forgiven for his schemes as a patriot to Scotland, but Kentish Men or Men of Kent or those elected to represent them cannot possibly be allowed get away with this Scot Free!


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