Tuesday, June 28, 2005

France's Sarkozy calls for suspension of Turkey's EU talks

France's Interior Minister,Nicolas Sarkozy, real power behind Prime Minister Villepin and the man presently strongly tipped to be France's next president has called for a suspension of EU negotiations with Turkey that are due to begin in earnest in October. This report is in The Times, linked from here. Such a move would remove some of the concern particularly evident in the French referendum campaign regarding the future of the EU. It of course does nothing to resolve the present crisis within the EU, although Sarkozy is reportedly in favour of economic reform outside the area of the Common Agricultural Policy. A sane and open organisation would at the outset have tried to define its own limits, even now setting the borders of the EU would solve some of its identity crisis at a stroke. The megalomaniacs who founded and still furtively drive the EU cannot of course accept such logical curbs on their wild ambitions. It is of course an impossibility to include Turkey in an organisation including Europe in the title as geographically speaking Tukey has two thirds of its land mass in Asia Minor. I assumed that following its absorbtion and during the EU's spread around the Mediterranean as presaged in the report on a Poltical Union presented to Romano Prodi and commented upon in detail on this blog, another renaming of the non-democratic organisation would be undertaken. How about another USSR on which it appears to be increasingly modeled - standing this time for Union of Socialism, Stagnation and Repression perhaps?. (After all, only by the latter can it now have any hope of continuation). Dropping mention of 'Europe' might of course highlight the half-century of whopping lies and subterfuge that were used to advance the project to this point of course. How do the flag, the 'Ode to Joy", the much vaunted common european heritage etc., all mesh with Turkish membership? Do the conspirators not realise ordinary people notice theses absurd contradictions? So how did they get into this mess the day before the rules for negotiations with Turkey are due to be set? Beats me!


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