Sunday, June 26, 2005

France and Commission to ignore referendum results!

The item quoted below is taken from a bulletin of the British 'NO' campaign. It clearly proves that the EU's leaders have learnt nothing from the French and Dutch referenda results. Perhaps this new blog should have been titled 'Beyond Irony' we are now clearly beyond any short term return to democracy in Europe! "In a TV debate on France 3 French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin called for a "Europe of projects." He said, "We have ideas, let's move forward rather than staying in this impasse we're in today." He said, "It's a choice we're faced with and that we must we must now settle. Do we want a free-trade Europe, as defended by the Brits, or a political Europe which tries more each day to respond to the questions posed by our citizens? That's the Europe that we wish to defend." De Villepin proposed wide-ranging "harmonisation" of the economic policies of eurozone countries, and said the Eurogroup of finance ministers should be able to "enter into dialogue" with the European Central Bank - a longstanding idea intended to give ministers more control over the ECB. De Villepin also proposed the creation of a "real European civil service", which would allow young Europeans to "work together on big projects." He also said he wanted to "go further" towards creating a single European defence (Reuters France, 23 June). EU Development Commissioner Louis Michel has said that the Commission will cooperate with Tony Blair only if he supports deeper EU integration."


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