Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Independence or Oppression by China or a New Hansa?

The visit to China by UK Finance Minister Osborne and the Mayor of London Johnson, highlights the stark choices facing democrats and believers in individual liberty who populate both the East and West coastal regions of the North Atlantic ocean and its islands.

The Prayer Book Rebellion of 1549, read here, the spark for which was a religious matter, was more likely a punitive venture by the dying Hanseatic League into the home territories of the adventurers and seafarers, who along with their colleagues from Brittany, Gascony/SW France; the Basque Country and Navarre were challenging their hegemony and the rights of Spain to keep the New World trade all to itself. The British Crown and City Corporation seem to have then been under Hanseatic  control, which was not broken until the reign of Elizabeth I, and the establishment of the Exeter Guild of Merchant Adventurers, in the earliest years of her reign; read here in pdf.

Will Britain fight the growing world trade power of China from within the EU, so remaining  under similar non-democratic control as applies in China itself?  Or can we once again cast aside the shackles of continental hegemony and unite with the heirs of such Merchant Adventurers everywhere, new enemies of despotic collectivism, often still living along  both coastal reigions of the North Atlantic, while restoring where necessary, our own sovereign democracy. That, IMHO is the issue of our times!

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