Monday, May 20, 2013

The Power that Drives Politics is Shifting

The EU may no longer be ignored as the prime driver of politics all across Western Europe. Old divisions between right and left, which have delivered the West into the non-democratic control of corporatist collectivists, no longer seem significant to ordinary people.

The trashing of people's savings, pensions and home values and concurrent disenfanchisement of their former means of protection and protest, their national parliaments, has now been compounded by the dleiberate confiscation of some of their bank deposits rendering useless the very currency they have been brainwashed into accepting as the symbol of the way ahead for Europe in the future.

How can existing political parties, all of whom conspired to deliver this end, ever again expect to be taken seriously at the ballot box. UKIP are today reported to be advertising in what was once known as the House Journal of the Conservative Party, the Daily Telegraph, to attract the hard-workers and activists who have themselves delivered power to the sullied souls who control the governing coalition in the UK.

Labour,  a century ago, was planting the seeds which overthrew the power base of the 19th century political system. Be in no doubt the same process is underway all across Europe today! When people recognise where the real power lies, they will surely exercise it, faced with the destruction of their very means of trade, exchange and even their daily existence, money itself, what other choice have they been given?



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Yes, it's inexorably moving. Nice stuff.

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