Friday, August 10, 2012

Cameron's hypocrisy on World hunger as economy halts

Quite clearly Britain's Prime Minister sees world hunger as a further "fantastic" opportunity for promoting himself, in fact it must now be obvious to the world at large that he cares for nothing else. Note this comment from the paper that supports his obnoxious political party the most amongst all UK media - the Daily Telegraph, on 26th July, here:

The former England footballer (David Beckham)met the Prime Minister at No 10 as Mr Cameron said world leaders would meet on August 12 – the last day of the Olympics – to thrash out plans designed to help starving people across the globe.
 Mr Cameron said: "Britain has a "fantastic" role to play in this." 

The blog editor's own emphasis was added to the extraordinary use of the word "fantastic" to stress its more than strange context!

Over and beyond the well-known self-obsession and over-powering conceit of Britain's Prime Minister, such a meeting takes with an even more macabre element that being all the newer financial concerns that have arisen for Britain during the course of the Olympic Games. The events by which the nation's leader has become clearly further dazzled and distracted from reality, so he possibly has yet to notice.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, close friend and political fixer for the similar slime-ball who lives next door has now quite obviouqsly entirely lossed control of the economy. One of the few backbenchers in his party with a grasp for economics, John Redwood MP, pointed out on his own blog the shortfall in growth expectations revealed even by the BoE, without detailing the obvious consequences.

Among such results will of course be hunger in many of Britain's cities. Warning signs have already been published in The Guardian in April and June, of this year, both of course completely ignored by the Bullingdon Bullies in Downing Street and almost all other members of the Coalition Government elsewhere.

It is perhaps fortunate that our PM sees hunger as such a fantastic thing, it appears he and his next door neighbour are busy creating the ideal circumstances for much more of it, right in his own backyard.

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Anonymous Budgie said...

Whilst I sympathise with your views of the odious Cameron, the real culprit of recent food shortages (beyond the weather) is bio-fuels. Green propagandists obsessed with CAGW (of which Cameron is one) have forced bio-fuels upon us. This has contributed to higher food costs thereby increasing malnutrition and starvation amongst poor people.

11:19 PM  

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