Sunday, July 28, 2013

Why EU Decisions must always be sub-Optimal for each Member State

I realise that a mere five days ago I resolved not to post on the topic of the EU again on this blog, and that remains my firm intention, however yesterday morning I was involved in a twitter exchange with Jonathan Faull, a senior Eurocrat presently serving the whims of EU Commissioner Barnier for Competition and the Single Market. I am pasting them below as for me they briefly encapsulate why the EU is doomed or can only proceed on a 100% "Best for Germany" basis:
Important on Cunliffe Bank appointment: he is Mr Europe; shows Treasury worried UK always outvoted on fin stuff in EU by eurozone members

  1. All know that votes are rarely called unless unanimity pre-determined. UK has been scalped by double-deals & UK negligence
  2. Ask other countries about influence, alliances and arguments in EU decision making. Prejudice will turn to surprise.

Re: influence, alliances and arguments in EU decision making-Their very existence is proof positive MS shifting from optimum>
>As the overall effect of the is daily more clearly sub-optimal economically & dangerous socially; it MUST end or
  1. Prejudice, not argument
  2. How do you think democracy works, nationally and in EU? Not by pre-defined optimum, but argument, discussion, alliances....

Nationally, in Parliament there is a Common Goal and the substance diverts decisions. EU has none of this & decision pre-set>
Happily we now have decades of actual experience which demonstrates both the flawed outcomes and pampered elites of the

I thought it worth posting these whilst at the same time correcting a typo in my earlier "EU etc., last posting"!

Let's face it the lesson of all these years was, as I made clear in my novel "Millennium Bltzkrieg" written in the mid to late nineteen-nineties, that the EU can only be good for one single former nation and that will be the strongest, all others will suffer, lose their democracy and bear the deep corruption and likely authoritarianism all now apparently for nothing but the wealth of their political leadership (...and power of their seconded nationals to its institutions?)

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Nicely documented, Martin.

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This is great!

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