Saturday, September 08, 2012

The degradation of Public Schools and their corrupted products

There is an interesting and brave piece on Telegraph Blogs this morning, linked here. It scratches the surface of a major and pressing problem for Britain.

Since Monday of this week, when I pointed out once again on my blogs the moment when the Conservative Party was handed to the druggies, linked here, John Ward over at The Slog has been fearlessly going deeper into just some of the implications with particular regard to Cameron, Hunt and a place called The Groucho Club, linked here, here and here. If your time is short, try to make some available to at least visit the last of these three links!

The Slog has returned to this topic this morning, but I have yet had time myself to read the posting.

Drugs in society are both a menace and a clear danger. Cocaine abuse can even cause cerebal palsey if occurring during pregnancy according to an article from March of Dimes, linked here.

A blind eye was being turned towards substance abuse in many British Public Schools by the early 1990s to my certain personal knowledge. Elsewhere random drugs testing was bravely employed as a deterrent.

In the USA drugs tests prior to employment are not rare. That should become the norm in the UK particularly across the public service. Following The Slog's recent posts a start could best be made with members of the Cabinet.

Running the country should demand as clear a head as driving a car, bus, train or jet plane!


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