Monday, January 16, 2012

Costa Concordia wreckage symbolises the EU

"Costa Concordia" even the name summons thoughts of the false hopes on which the confidence trick that is the European Union has been built!

The stories emerging of the actions of the Captain in this morning's press, one example here, also typify the attitudes of those who have so recklessly run the EU for their own main (perhaps even sole) benefit for decades.

Reports that the ship was deliberately piloted dangerously close to the rocks is key in any such comparison!

Other reports that there was no co-ordination or training amongst the crew, that none seemed to know what they were doing, that the Captain left the ship before many of his passengers, that burly men (possibly even crew members) pushed women and children aside for places on the lifeboats - all this vividly brings to mind the administration and lack of management or conscience in the running of the giant ponzi scheme that is the European Union.

If only it had been the EU that so spectacularly hit the rocks and sank on the evening of last Friday 13th January 2012!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Euro has hit the rocks. It is just taking a long time to finally sink without trace.

10:55 AM  

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