Thursday, December 01, 2011

Sarkozy to explain France's latest EU crisis stance this evening in Toulon.

The Irish Times has an English report of this event, linked here.

Also on the French political impact on the EU disintegration, the leading contender in the opinion polls for next year's Presidential election, the socialist, François Hollande, stated in a news conference yesterday " “I will never accept the fact that, in the name of control over national budgets…the ECJ can be judge of the expenses and revenues of a sovereign state.

This was published by Open Europe in their daily press email, which reported Monsieur Hollande, at the same Brussels press conference, also criticised German plans to allow the ECJ to impose sanctions on eurozone countries breaching EU deficit and debt rules,

As this blog has always maintained, the EU countries have no track record on keeping within the EU Treaties, so all the present wind about possible Treaty changes is just that. The original Growth and Stability Pact was broken by France and Germany acting in concert, which in spite of the Netherlands instituting legal procedures was allowed to take place without penalty or sanction.

That is only one reason why the euro is falling apart today, see also the "Paper Money Collapse" video which I posted on this blog last evening.

Update 1400 GMT. Open Europe blog has published some detail of what the worthless proposed Treaty changes might involve, linked here.



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