Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Banning the EU plotters for life!

Edward Spalton, Vice Chairman of the CIB, made a speech on 1st October, which may be read in full from the blog of Subrosa, linked here. I will quote just one passage, which as the EU collapses, will IMO become of increasingly crucial importance:

The future will look a little different from each country and I will make some suggestions and guesses about Britain shortly. Firstly, what of the EU institutions? I do not believe that the EU can be reformed. It has to be totally destroyed along with every vestige of the Acquis Communautaire and I would like to see all those who have played a prominent role in it permanently disqualified from taking any part in the public life of any European country or treaty organisation.

The paper by Dr. Anthony Coughlan of the Foundation for EU Democracy and the Irish National Platform, entitled “THE TREATY OF LISBON: A CONSTITUTIONAL REVOLUTION BY STEALTH, referred to in the speech, may be read from here.

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Banning is too good for them.Try hemp.

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