Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Opinion poll shocker for EU's spendthrift leaders!

A YouGov poll, commissioned by Bloomberg, shows the growing and ever deeper hostility to the bailouts amongst the people of Europe's most populace former nations. The full report is linked from here. Among its highlights I have selected the following as particularly worthy of note:

Asked if bailouts should be used again “even if they were necessary to keep the euro zone intact,” 59 percent of Germans disagreed and 20 percent agreed...for France 47 percent opposed using bailouts again, versus 27 percent in favor, while the split was 65 percent to 13 percent in the U.K.

In Germany, 75 percent of those surveyed disapprove of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s actions and the poll also showed that 58 percent of Germans want to eject Greece from the currency region. Resistance in France is less strong at present, but living here I am conscious that few of the French seem fully aware of the huge liabilities being entered into by their government and in their name .... this is unlikely to remain unchanged come the end of the school holidays!

The UK result shows 85% of people now against joining the Euro, highlighting the absurdity of George Osborne's recent statements on the Euro Group's, now terminal, crisis.

(Update 08:00 am BST 60% of Dutch oppose the bailouts according to a poll reported in EU Observer, linked here.)

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