Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Barroso is barmy!

The President of the EU Commission has made a suggestion that European spending adds value!!!! To what? I would dearly like to know, to confirm his growing insanity he then claims that "..... we do things better at the EU level" The quote comes from the daily briefing email from Open Europe, as quoted in full herewith: Asked whether the Commission might propose a reduction in the EU budget, given the austerity measures being implemented in member states, Barroso replied: "I can only say that we pay attention so that European spending creates added value. I would however be surprised if it would come to a reduction of the EU budget. A consequence of Globalisation is that we do certain things better at the EU level, so at the same time spending at the national level can decrease." With overpaid idiots like this on the EU payroll (one of at least 3 EUPresidents, let us not forget) is it any wonder that the euro crisis is causing huge falls and turmoil in markets across the globe? The complete disaster and waste of money that is the EU can now be seen to be the cause of an approaching worldwide economic collapse and yet we have the head of the EU Commission, the appointed body responsible for the institution of all EU legislation that over-regulates business and throttles the markets and any individual with enterprise coming out with this claptrap.



Blogger Julien Frisch said...

Funnily I had just finished reading the interview in the German newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" (FAZ) when I saw your post.

I was also surprised about the quote, I must admit...

PS.: Just a small correction: The last sentence of the quote in the original version reads "... so that, if necessary, spending at the national level can decrease."

3:06 PM  

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