Sunday, October 13, 2013

Protecting Value in a World of QE & Fiat Currencies

In the posting immediately beneath this may be found a blog entry made at the start of last weekend concerning the tragic tale of  treason perpetrated against the people of Britain by their rulers over recent decades.

To complement that posting, I would here like to review another publication, which while touching upon some similar aspects of our slide towards EU tyranny, more explicitly highlights the wealth destroying aspects of this voracious new form of collective despotism, some have chosen to label post democracy.

Saxo Bank have issued a series of papers under the generalised heading: "Trading Debates White Papers".  To provide a general feel of the stature of the authors and the direct pithiness of the views expressed I first offer a few quotes:

Chapter One by Lars Seier Christiansen "Merkel's Lack of Vision is the Achilles' Heel of Europe" 'To be loyal towards your rulers in Brussels and disloyal to your own population often equals a great job and plenty of distinctions and stars, along with the illusion of political significance among your friends.' 

  Chapter Two by Vaclav Klaus "The Shattering of Illusions" 'On the contrary, Western Europe eagerly and voluntarily accepted die Soziale Marktwirkschaft (the Social Market economy). This unproductive, paternalistic, excessively over-regulated socio-economic system became further decimated in the following decades by the arrival of the market-hostile green ideolody of environmentalism.' 

'Greece made one fatal error-- to enter the Eurozone.' 

'..their way of thinking was evidently based on an almost communistic type of reasoning.' 

'The EU has conquered Europe and deprived it of its democracy.' 

Chapter Three by Nigel Farage "Is the UK Better Off Outside the EU" 'It is a tragedy that for the sake of an experiment, tens of millions of people in Southern Europe are being forced into poverty and misery.'

(On Cameron and Coalition) 'This is clearly a Prime Minister not in control and a government in total disarray'

'The EU is not just undemocratic it is fundamentally anti-democratic' 

The above I believe gives an ample taste of the quality of the comment and depths of the criticism of the EU; but there then follows paper after paper of financial advice from various experts at the Saxo Bank on the cost implications of the disaster now clearly underway, as laid out in the earlier papers. These titles cover a range of subjects, for example, "Is Merkel's Victory Europe's Wake-up Call?" through QE, the Euro and the Oil Markets to end bang up to date with a questioning paper entitled, "Forward Guidance, the Latest Fad".

All the above conclusions, of course, were predicted on my various blogs for more than ten years, but here in one downloadable file, ready for reading at will, (with the consequences which I previously could merely foretell), are now detailed as fait accompli

There are limited free copies available at this website:  Eventually, I  hope the "White Papers" may also be put on sale, in which case I will post details on this blog.

I left the world of oil and gas trading long ago, but were I a trader today, it would be a comfort to know that there was a financial institution with such clear insight on the state of the West, offering tools to try and preserve value, in such uncertain times, and with such faltering and misguided political leadership as we see today all across the EU!

NB: Martin Cole has no connections with Saxo Bank nor has he received payment of any kind in writing this freely offered review! Nor has it been submitted to Saxo Bank nor to the Authors of the quoted papers, for their prior review. Like all else  on my blogs and Twitter, it is what I think, that's all! 



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